Body Defrost - A Spring Ayurveda Story

March can be a frustrating month. You're expecting your first trip out to the park or beach and your local weather man may unexpectedly inform you that you are in for the Nor'easter of the Century! March's weather is unpredictable. Here in the US, we can attribute this to the March Jet Stream which is powerful this time of year because of the temperature difference between the moist air in Gulf of Mexico and the arctic air coming from Canada.

But what does it all mean for your body?

Do you feel that drip in the back of your throat? That itch that won't go away? Are your sinuses beginning to ooze with phlegm? Are you feeling weak or tired? Is that dreaded sinus pressure back and you want to hide your head in under a pillow? You can thank March and her ever changing weather.

Don’t fret. The Ayurvedic tradition has been around for 5,000 years and while India may not have Nor’easters they do have a remedy for that itch in the back of your throat. The following items are meant to ease your body’s spring defrost.

  • Eat freshly-prepared, easily digestible warm foods such as soups. These should contain mostly fruits and vegetables which are full of the nutrients necessary to bring the body back to balance.

  • Continuously drink warm water throughout the day. Your warm water can be prepared with cinnamon or black pepper. Alternatively, you can drink water with fresh ginger, fresh lemon and Himalayan Sea Salt.

  • Avoid foods that are high in sugar or fat: milk, sugar, coffee, white flower, refined fast food, carbonated soft drinks, and chocolate. These foods will only add to an excess of Kapha in the body, making you feel more sluggish.

  • Gargle a mixture of: ½ tsp of Turmeric and ½ tsp of mineral salt in a cup of warm water. This will sooth the throat and encourage healing od the tissues.

  • To reduce congestion: crush 4-5 garlic buds and inhale or inhale a balm of menthol.

  • Boil 1 gallon of water and add 5 drops of clove oil, 12 crushed mint leaves, and 5 drops of eucalyptus oil. Inhale the steam for 10-15 minutes. Continue this twice a day until congestion clears and then once a day to clear the phlegm that is deposited in the sinuses.

  • Nasya Oil therapy is a great way to assist the body of ridding excess fluids that accumulate in the sinus, throat, nose and head area. An herbal infused oil is administered into the nasal passage while the head is tilted back. This treatment can be conducted in home or by an Ayurvedic Practitioner.

Now go out and practice some Pranayama. Rid yourself of that ama that’s been building up all winter. Welcome Spring.

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