Hello September, Hello Fall!

The month of September ushers in the Fall season. Children return to school, the sun sets sooner, the leaves begin to change color and a chill sets in the air. September is the time of harvest when we can enjoy the summer’s hard labor. Fall is alive with color and inspiration, warmth from the fire and long walks through Apple Orchards and Pumpkin Patches. The days of eating astringent foods will subside and we begin to eat warm soups which soothe the Vata Dosha.


The climate of September may be a shock to the body. Chilly mornings, hot midday sun, and brisk nights can aggravate Vata. In order to prepare, one must dress for the occasion. It’s time to put away flip flops and bathing suits and bring out those sweaters and scarves. Keeping your layers handy is key to help your body adjust to the sudden shift in the evenings.

September For Kapha

Kapha Dosha is balanced by the light, dry nature of fall. They are energized by the change of season that September brings. They will be inspired and focused as the heaviness of summer will no longer bog them down. Kapha Dosha should resist sedentary activities (like naps) and engage in the mobile nature of fall to reach optimal health.

September For Pitta

September is a welcome respite from the heat for Pitta Dosha. Now is the time to clear out all of the excess Pitta that was built up during the summer. Pitta types can be aggravated by the light, cool nature of fall. Therefore they must focus on becoming grounded and finding routine. The most important consideration is to try not to allow yourself to heat up to much. Avoid hot baths and aggressive workouts. For Pitta, fall is the time for relaxation. Take advantage.

September For Vata

Fall, like Vata Dosha, is dry, erratic, cool, subtle and clear; this is why Fall is considered Vata season. In order to balance Vata in September they must ground themselves with warmth, hydration, oiliness, stability and routine. It

is important to eat substantial foods in order to maintain your reserve of moisture; foods that are rich with fat, oil and spice. Vata Doshas should be careful not to fill their days with activity and become flighty as their Dosha is wont to do. They should make time for meditation and to relax.

Herbs for September

Ashwagandha - An aptogen for combating stress, calms the mind and promotes restful sleep, promotes proper function of the adrenals, increases energy and vitality.

Chyavanprash - Promotes proper function of the immune system, healthy metabolism, and rejuvenates the mind and body.

Licorice - promotes clear breathing and proper function of the lungs as well as soothes the mucous membranes and stomach lining.

September Diet

The diet for September is reminiscent of an animal preparing for hibernation. Now is the time to eat hearty, rich foods. Your meals during the day should consist of cooked grains, soups and stews, meat and eggs. For people who eat dairy, this is a great time to enjoy it. This is also the time to reduce raw and frozen vegetables as well as light, cooling and drying foods i.e. foods with too much Vata in them. Eating foods like popcorn would be counter intuitive to balancing your digestion for the season.

This September, remember that balance can be achieved if you stay grounded and maintain a schedule for yourself. A gradual adjustment in your body, like the leaves in trees, is the best way to transition between Summer and Fall. Enjoy the change of seasons and remember to stay warm.

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