The Three Doshas

Vata, Pitta and Kapha, the group of the three doshas, in their natral and disturbed states give life to the body and also destroy it. 

Ashtanga Hridaya I.6

50 - 83 Points:  Kapha Mentality (Watery)

Kapha types are considerate and loyal but also slow to respond and shy. They tend to watery emotions like love, desire and sentimentality. They have many friends and are close to their family, culture, and religion but can be closed-minded outside of their sphere of convention. They get easily attached and find it hard to detach making them prone to staying home rather than traveling. Kapha Mentality needs time to consider things properly. They may display affections easily however,  they are slow to express emotions. 

84 - 117 Points:  Pitta Mentality (Fiery)

Pitta types are logical, critical, perceptive and intelligent. They are prone to fiery emotions like irritability and anger and have no trouble expressing anger. They are articulate, dignified and self-righteous with strong wills, making good leaders. While very helpful and kind to friends and followers, they are cruel and unforgiving to opponents. They are bold, adventurous and daring with memories that are sharp, not sentimental. Pitta Mentality is more concerned with the accumulation of power than with material resources but will do as necessary to gain their ends. 

118 - 150 Points:  Vata Mentality (Airy)

Vata types are mentally changeable, excitable, indecisive and have good but erratic mental powers. They have mental tendencies toward fear and anxiety. They are quick at both attachment and detachment, grasping and forgetting. Fast at getting emotional, expressing their emotions, as well as forgetting them. Their minds and senses are sensitive, but unsteady. They are good at forming friendships with people outside of their social circle however, they are of a solitary nature and tend not to have many friends. They make neither good leaders nor good followers. Vata Mentality will not be very materialistic or concerned \with accumulating possessions or money.